I consider myself equal part writer, photographer, joker, realist, lover and jaded skeptic. I have less than zero idea if that means I’m an artist. I’m just an Xennial lady who enjoys putting stuff out into the world because creative contribution and collaboration makes me happy.

Beyond 40

I’ve had a lot of amazing birthdays in my life. There was the time all my little kid friends went to the movies and saw Annie, the infamous Mr. Days dance party covered in yellow caution tape, and my 30th when I jumped out of a plane, rented a room in a bar with DJ Rocco and Spin played a live rock show.  Those birthdays were somehow topped by the insane Russian supper club birthday with a live “show” that Bourdain once said felt like “John Waters made a Broadway musical” (This girl sums that experience up perfectly). But as I lay here with my epic post birthday 40-year-old hangover looking at photos from last night on my phone, I’m insanely happy.   The events of this weekend came pretty damn close to perfection and this headache and dehydration are no match for the healing power of being truly chock full of love. Leading up to

You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well you might find, you get what you need

There are tons of studies that show social media makes people feel lonely. The constant comparison to others has a nasty way of shining a mirror on that secret doubt in all of us that thinks we’re not good enough.

Unemployment Day 3: Deep Thoughts and Lists by A Woman With Too Much Unstructured Time On Her Hands!

40. It feels like a lot. Especially because it seems I’m being tested these days. As I watch all my slightly older classmates fall like Facebook reminder dominoes, my own approaching milestone is ever present. As a result of this, and my general sentimental nostalgic nature, I’ve peeked back at the last decade of my life in my newly acquired free time…sorta like picking an old half-healed scab. I suppose I was hoping that reverse life accounting might enlighten as to what the hell I want from this next phase of life. (For reals, I could use all help I can get in that department.)  And while I’m still tragically short on practical details, I did learn a few applicable things in my recent revelries: Obsessively looking back only reinforces I’m that much closer to “the end”.  Seeing an entire generation (especially in early photos) fade away creates an acute awareness that time is going