All About That Base

This year I have four new bases to accompany the upgraded calendar design. Since the cards were increased two inches in height to accommodate the square postcard back and a little breathing room for the dates, the bases have grown in thickness and depth of cut. I’m hopeful this deeper slit alleviates some of the natural paper bend over time. (I also upgraded to 130lb paper to give the cards a little more “umpth”)

So let me introduce these bad boys:

Regular Pine

These are simple pine bases. They are neutral in color and tend to fade into the background. They let my pictures become the focal point (and for this reason appeal to my ego). This base should be your choice if you like a clean natural aesthetic on your desk or table.

That being said, these have just a light clear spray of poly. If you are the crafty creative type, a light sand would yield a DIY block to decorate yourself. Paint, stain or bedazzle it to your liking. I’m happy that you might collaborate with my creation to make it personal to you! Be sure to tag @9999_co with any of your designs.

Live Edge Cedar

This is literally a slice of beautiful natural red cedar. The two tone color is inherent in the wood as is the petal shape. That being said, the length and width as well as outline of petal shape will vary greatly by base and look wildly different from the photos in the shop. The outer bark is also quite thin and fragile and may be slightly chipped near the slit.

All that being said, these are by far my most favorite of the base designs. The round curves pair well with the ridged squares of paper and photo. I think this looks the best with the cityscapes and natural themes like Clouds and Beaches.

Reclaimed Pine

I’ve always been a fan of reclaimed wooden feature walls, sliding barn divider doors and industrial pallet coffee tables. I knew I wanted a weathered base option and found a natural pairing with Tribeca Grain who specialize in giving old wood new life. The grey tone of the front surface varies by block, but all bark variations contrast nicely with the color rich photos in Street Conversations, Graffiti Doors and ROYGIBIV.

Ply Block

This is some kind of construction compound made from thin layers of plywood used for things like floor joists and other dude projects I admittedly don’t understand. But… my mild OCD was satisfied by the clean look of the thin stacked lines. These blocks feel chunky, masculine and industrial. The rigid orderly shape pairs well with the surprising and confusing images in the Abstract series.

There is very limited stock for the reclaimed pine and live edge cedar, so if those are your choices, don’t delay ordering. And let me know what you think of the 2018 options in the comments below.







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