Friends + Collaborators


This website is the end product of a year of transformation. As I wrote on New Year’s Eve 2015;  “Along my journey, I have been given gifts from everyone. Some large; some only small tokens. But I accepted and appreciated these more than ever before. I think it was in the gathering and appreciating of these gifts that I have put myself (almost) back together.”


In addition to the virgin run of calendars, I came away from 2015 with the realization that you can’t do “it” alone. You need your people to keep you going, lend you their expertise, and share their inspiration. This same lesson holds particularly true for starting a little web business.


The friends and collaborators here helped make my little idea a sincere reality. Go learn more about each of them and maybe toss them some business, will ya?

Chris Griggs

Griggs is one of my favorite people to work with/bribe with beer into helping my dumb ass. He’s honest, sincere, and will help think your way out of anything with a clear visual solution. (It’s also fun to watch him attempt karaoke.) He’s probably too talented to merit promotion here, but if you have a high-level design or branding project, he’s your go to dude! Go look at all his badassery here.

John Fink

Fink is the best wall cubicle partner a girl could ever ask for. We bonded over our absolute need for desk fans and my daily sneezes between 3-6pm. He’s the hardest worker I know and apparently one hell of a swing dancer. Need a website for your small club? Need a killer presentation created and revised in pretty much any program? Need someone to patiently teach the basics on Adobe products to beginners – Fink’s your man!  

Tribeca Grain

Joe Wood, (yes, that’s what he really goes by) is a rad dude. He’s got the manly beardy dream job with his own wood shop. Unlike the rest of us cube drones, he gets to make chunky raw edge wood tables and sleek corporate desks for hip new restaurants and bars for a living. If you have a wood design need, give Tribeca Grain a call.  

Jet Landis

I used to see Jet’s large monitor array over my cube wall. While I sat there editing the umpteenth excel spreadsheet or bulleted email communication, she got to draw fun video game characters that looked like giant Macy’s Thanksgiving balloons! With one abstract email, some sample precedents and a single round of questions, Jet drew the amazing logo you see on this website and all my packaging. She made the “Crest of Banana” come to life…including my little furballs! If you need an illustrator with amazing talent for creating charming whimsy, Jet is your gal!  

Cork Buds

I’ve know Amanda almost her whole life and watched her morph from teenage spitfire to shrewd creative woman. She grew a small idea into a successful small business so logically was the first person I interviewed for intel! Her products are adorable and make the best office Secret Santa gift!  Order some Corkbuds or visit her at one of New York City’s hippest flea markets. You should also check out her amazing hand-drawn chalkboard for retail environments or other amazing artist endeavors here.  

Creative Enabler

Finding Luca felt like fate shoving me in the right direction. Bailing on a shitty internet date in favor of last minute backyard drinks with neighbors landed me an introduction to exactly the right person at the right time!   Luca has a dream Rolodex with a talent for connecting the right folks to awesome opportunities. She introduced me to vendors and helped plan my way out of total creative inertia not to mention building this beautiful website. If you need a girl who can get shit done, drop her a line here. Also sign up for her Facebook group if you want to follow a feed filled with ongoing small business thought leadership.  

Monica Gonzalez Photography

Monica is a budding entrepreneur just like me. She’s a family, portrait and pet photographer and I can personally vouch for her skills with adorable newborn baby announcements. After meeting only once at a baby shower, she agreed to help me with the awesome professional level product photos of my calendars and prints you see on this website. Give her a shout next time you want beautiful images of the things you love!


This is my dad. He’s hilarious, a ridiculous colorful dresser and perhaps my biggest fan.  He gave me some seed money to take this little endeavor professional, so he’s getting a shout out on this page. But I’m sorry other entrepreneurs, you can’t have him. He’s all mine! Thanks for always believing in me and being my cheerleader, Dad!  Love you!    

Jon-Da Printing

I was introduced to Jon-Da printing by Luca.  After a quick in person consult, I got a quick quote and all my questions answered.  When I was finally ready for calendar production, Phil helped me sort all the issues and print a sample for review.  First round of inventory was hand delivered just two days later. I’m so incredibly pleased with the results and I think you will like your product too.  If you have a printing need in the Jersey City Area, give them a call.